Our Mission

Nona Research Foundation, Inc. was created to broaden participation, increase access, and advance innovation in the design, distribution, documentation, maintenance, and use of open-source software and tools in the fields of synthetic biology and bio-design automation.

Our Impact

Research using Nona’s software and other tools will lead to advances and improvement in health and healthcare, energy production and storage, materials manufacture, protection of the environment, and human welfare.

Producing life-saving pharmaceuticals, repairing defective genes, destroying cancer cells, generating biofuels, cleaning up the environment, and assisting climate change through carbon capture, are examples of the specific applications anticipated in synthetic biology and related scientific fields enabled by Nona’s advances.

Our Activities

Nona’s activities will be developed to accomplish:

  • Research and development of the software, tools and associated documentation in systems that will enable scientists to design and construct a broad range of biological tools, techniques, and scientific understanding
  • Maintenance and improvement of such software, tools and associated documentation
  • Availability and accessibility of such software, tools and associated documentation, so that they are more widely and freely available to the public.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee at Nona Research Foundation actively strives to shape an atmosphere where all members of our community intentionally and confidently dismantle systemic racism, discrimination and inequity. We promise to commit to educating ourselves about issues of anti-racism and anti-discrimination and then, actively engage our knowledge and resources to end inequity by educating our colleagues, diversifying our organization and engaging with our communities

Community, Promotion, Funding


Project teams benefit from participation in the Nona network, which includes leaders from a variety of software and scientific communities. 


Nona projects benefit from elevated visibility as a result of their association with the organization. 


Nona provides a number of services for projects under the open-source synthetic biology umbrella including financial administration, operational and legal support. 

Nona leverages our broad, international network to help build connections that support our projects. In addition to making strategic introductions, Nona creates opportunities for project leaders to connect with one another as a group, both in person and virtually.

We work to highlight all of our projects through various communications and marketing activities. We also find opportunities to showcase our projects with potential and current corporate sponsors.

Funded projects are also eligible to use Nona resources and infrastructure to help raise money for the project.

Become a Volunteer

We need your help! When you give your time to Nona, we can give our future so much more one-on-one attention, the most effective tool for individualized learning and confidence building. You can start by visiting any of our programs to find out what you would most like to do. We are always looking for volunteers including scientists, programmers, and everyday synthetic biology enthusiasts. Connect with us to learn more!

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