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Nona aims to ensure that funding and resources are available to sustain open-source projects for the long term. One of the ways we accomplish this vision is through programs that provide support for open source computing projects: our event sponsorship program and our corporate partners program. Contact us to discuss our linking, advertising, trademarking, and hosting options.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Nona online community helps to maintain and extend your software. In addition, Nona has hired staff members to assist in making sure the code is listed appropriately.

Nona does not own your code. The code is governed by whatever open source license you have chosen.

Well, you could if you really wanted to… But then you wouldn’t have the huge benefit of having a friendly online community help you make it into something bigger and better.

Nona uses Amazon Web Services for its infrastructure, with all the security that implies.

The software terms are governed by the license you have chosen. Certain open source licenses restrict such commercialization. Check out the site opensource.org – they have an extensive list of almost all the open source licenses currently in use. We’re sure you can find one that suits your needs.

Companies like Google and Apple have released their newest software as open source. The open source movement has become the de facto standard. Some even say we live in a “post-open-source” world, that “open source software” has just become “software.” Managing open source has become a bigger issue as a result. But at the end of the day, one thing is still true: We are greater than Me.

We Are Your Go-To People For Any Trademarking You Might Have​

As a 501 (c) (3) public-benefit organization, the Nona Research Foundation does not face the same constraints as academic institutions in clearing the rights for software or contributing them to the public domain. Nona will never make any of its trademarked software proprietary. Everyone will have access to be the full set of open source tools available.


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We educate developers to adopt robust coding standards, modularity, and clear concise documentation. We promote taking ownership of issues and implementation according to governance in open-source software and benefiting from continuous integration and deployment.

Nona’s synthetic biology software follows the Specification/Design/Build/Test cycle pattern prevalent in other rigorous engineering disciplines:

We're A Registered 501(C)(3) Non-Profit!

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